"From mountaintops to sand dunes, the Carolinas' backroads and byroads hold legends and lore behind every hill and around every curve. From cryptids to cursed earth to people whose passions will surprise you, North and South Carolina are chock full of surprises. Join Charlie and Michael as they discuss them all!"

We might not have all the answers (or any), but we really enjoy exploring the historical context and lore around the Carolinas' legends, ghost stories, and modern tales from off the beaten path. Arcane Carolinas is intended to be an accessible, informative, and fun exploration of these topics and tales.

Do you have a favorite tale, a yarn of your own to spin, or maybe you just want to share something someone told you about the Carolinas legends, folklore, or mysteries? Feel free to drop us a line about coming on the show, or if that's not your speed, you can stay anonymous and we'll share what you sent us.

Michael G. Williams is an award-winning novelist and Appalachian native with a lifelong interest in the strange and the supernatural. His science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror titles are available from Falstaff Books (falstaffbooks.com) and on Amazon.

Charlie Mewshaw spent several formative years in the suburbs of Raleigh, North Carolina before settling down a river basin or two further west. He has been a fan of history and tales of the unknown for as long as he can remember, and enjoys seeking out local legends and folklore.

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