Episode Guide

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The Devils Tramping Ground

Theres a bit of cursed dirt in Chatham County North Carolina, and no one seems to know why. Explore the various legends behind The Devils Tramping Ground that include everything from the devil to pirate treasure.

Brown Mountain Lights

Mysterious orbs of light in Burke County North Carolina! Moonshiners? Aliens? Nitrous vapors? Pyromaniac youth? No one knows, but we know some things they are not.

The Beast of Bladenboro

This legendary cryptid has been a Bladen County North Carolina boogeycreature for decades. Lock up your livestock, climb your chicken tree, and join us for a fun exploration of a real-life scenario that played out kind of like Jaws...with less sharks...and no swimming.

Boxing it Fairly

A wonderful tale of pan-Carolina fraternization, pugilism, punch and pie going back to the 1700s. Also, a brief exploration of a mysterious modern group of combatants out of North Carolina.

DragonCon 2020: Arcane Carolinas Presents Cryptids & Classic Sci-Fi

Our appearance as part of the American Sci-Fi Classic track at DragonCon is available on YouTube for free as an example of the types of content available to our Patreon backers. In this special installment we explore creatures from North and South Carolina, wander into Georgia for a moment, and then relate it all to their popular-culture representations.

The Devil & Hezekiah Jones

A cautionary tale about what can happen if you spend your life inflicting pain on others. Thing is, there really was a Hezekiah Jones...

Meyers House NC and Scary Movies in the Carolinas

We are joined by Kenny from the Meyers House NC / On-Set Cinema to hear all about his awesomely legendary house. We also run down some of the scary movies filmed in the Carolinas.

The Cora Tree

Theres a legend about a tree, a witch, and a sea captain out of Hatteras. We dissect it with our guest Joe Bird and separate fiction from fact.

Palmetto State Spirits

Author, storyteller, and paranormal investigator Tally Johnson joins us for a fun romp across the Carolinas, telling us a selection of his experiences with ghosts.

UNC Occult Rumblings (Patreon Supporters Exclusive)

There are strange things afoot on the UNC campus, and we’re not talking about that one secret society everybody always talks about. We explore accusations against the school, its community, and examine some strange communications left around campus.

UFOs in the Carolinas

South Carolina, North Carolina, and weird things in the sky. A pet topic for both of us, we explore sightings that have been both solved and unsolved (guess which type is more fun to talk about).

The Raleigh Blob

As voted for by our Patreon backers, this episode is a bit like a blend of a cryptid story and a modern weird. The local government disavows knowledge, scientists argue, and the blob persists!

AC Case Files #1

The Carolinas are home to a number of paranormal investigators, some might even be in your area! In the first of a new episode format, we have Alex Matsuo, Amber of the Beer City Ghost Hunters/True Crime Buzz, and Toni from Southeastern Paranormal on to share their stories.

Third Eye Man (three eyed man)

With guest Peter Voland from the pop-culture podcast Nerds Adulting, we explore a great piece of lore out of Columbia South Carolina.

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy! (Patreon Only)

For a month where the news is bound to be really intense, we dig to find weird things happening right in our own back yards! Also, it being Thanksgiving and all, we express our gratitude for our backers and prepare to ship them presents.